Photo: John LaCarte, Joyce Branthover, Jon King 

Hard work built our country, but sometimes, hard work can use a little luck. In 1907, our founder, William B. “Stoney” Jones was playing a friendly game of poker. Hours passed, fortunes turned, and Stoney walked out with he deed to the Eureka Gold Crown Brewery in his pocket.

Stoney went to work crafting the best all-malt Old-World Beer he could brew. And it did not take too long before people started asking for “Stoney’s Beer”. Our hard-working tradition and our pure honest taste lives on to this day. That is why, after all these year’s later, you can’t lose with a Stoney’s in your hand.

History of Stoney’s Brewing Company:
1907 – after winning it one night in a poker game, William Benjamin “Stoney” Jones moves Eureka Brewing to Smithton, PA. Locals begin asking for “one of Stoney’s beers”.
1933 – Prohibition ends and to celebrate, Stoney Jones renames the brewery Jones Brewing Company. At the same time, he rebrands his best-selling beer, the name people have been calling it for years, “Stoney’s”.
1986 – Greg King, a fourth generation Jones, is promoted to brewmaster from assistant brewmaster and quality assurance manager, having worked for the company for 10 years.
1988 – Gabby and Sandy Podlucky purchase Jones Brewing Company and continue to run it in the tradition of the Jones family.
2017 – Jones Brewing Company returns to ownership by Jones family with purchase by Jon King, great-grandson of Stoney Jones, in partnership with John LaCarte. Greg King, Jon’s brother, will once again serve as brewmaster.
The LaCarte and King/Jones family histories have been intertwined in Smithton from the beginning. When Jon King mentioned to John LaCarte that he was interested in buying back the brewery, John jumped at the opportunity. The sense of ownership goes back four generations. This is more than a business; Stoney’s has always been a part of the family.
Stoney’s Beer is a 100% malt beer, with no additives or preservatives. This sets Stoney’s apart from most other beers. For more information visit,